Cyprus Sun

Little old England has not been the greatest when it comes to sun so far, making me extra happy that I got away for a 10 day holiday in Cyprus. Although I’ve not been able to show off my tan much…I’m not bitter about it at all, I promise.

High into the 30s it was sometimes hard to care about what I was wearing if I’m honest, but pre packed with a mountain full of outfits (that could have probably lasted a month) I got a few snaps. I’ve mixed it up with evening and beach wear, to give you some inspiration for the up and coming holidays I hope you all have.

Sunglasses – New Look, Dress – ASOS, Shoes – Birkenstocks

Cover up – H&M, Shoes – Birkenstocks

Sunglasses, Hat & Shoes – New Look, Dress – ASOS

Hat & Sunglasses – New Look, Co-Ord – Boohoo, Shoes – Birkenstocks

Dress & Shoes – New Look

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