Throwback Post: Vintage

Throwback posts are basically what I had on my last blog, (which I lost and am still not sure how) that I am reposting on here. The trends are still relevant, so please be inspired..

I am a true believer of the tag line, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’, so of course I love vintage. Sometimes it is hard to know where the best places to shop are and sometimes people are a little scared to even shop it. The amount of times someone has asked me ‘but what if someone died in that…?’ But once you find the best places to bargain shop, and discover that feeling of falling in love with a true vintage gem you’ll no longer struggle to understand – check you my finds below.

Top – Charity Shop, Cardigan – New Look, Skirt -Urban Outfitters, Boots – River Island

Jumper – Charity Shop, Boots – New Look

Jumpsuit – East End Thrift Store, Cardigan & Trainers – New Look

Jumper – Forever 21, Levi Jeans – Stylist Rail, Plimsolls – Superga

Jacket – Depop, Jeans – Topshop, Boots – River Island

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