Lush Haul

I’m not going to pretend I am big on beauty, around the age of 20 when dragged into a consultation with a make-up artist I had no idea how to answer the question, ‘so what is your daily skincare routine?’ Ermmm face wipes…

However I know I won’t have young skin forever so I am going to have to start looking after it somewhat. Combined with this realisation I discovered Lush. I’m slightly obsessed and rarely have a bath without a bath bar/bomb to accompany me. Last week I went to stock up on my favourites/pick up some new bits and thought I would share. Sometimes it can be overwhelming with an abundance of smells and pots (hint: ask about the 5 pot reward scheme when in the store), so here is where you can start.

Trying to find an alternative to foundation I went into Lush and spoke to a member of staff who suggested I try mixing their skin tint and moisturiser. It feels so much lighter and my skin is much clearer since using. I would highly recommend this combo to anyone.


I recently dyed my hair blonde, it took multiple hours and I’m still using toner to try getting it the shade I ideally want. Whatever shade you are after however, we all want to get rid of those brassy tones and this is a great way to do it – no extra chemicals to break down your hair even more.


Bath bars are my favourite – as much as I LOVE bath bombs – depending on the bar this can last up to 5 soaks. They smell amazing, make your bath an awesome colour and you can use your shower head to create some bubbles if that’s your kind of thing (sure is mine…)


Dry shampoo is a life saver; everyone with a busy schedule knows that – move away from spray and to a more natural product for a clean look without the dustiness. With lime and grapefruit oil absorbing powders that will help you feel refreshed.


This sunkissed lip tint is the perfect for a subtle lift, packed with exotic ingredients giving you a shimmer for the holidays. I personally picked this one as it was my favourite shade, but they have plenty more for you to choose from.


Last but not least is this amazing face mask. Normally applied while laying in the bath for me, leave on for between 5-10mins for a beautifully soft, smooth finish to your skin.

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